Ann Lislegaard - Speaking in Tongues

30.11.12 - 27.01.13



‘Speaking in Tongues’

New video animation and drawings

30.11-2012 – 27.01.2013



Opening on Saturday the 30th of November 17-20PM




We are pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition Speaking in Tongues by Ann Lislegaard.


Speaking in Tongues is a continuation of Ann Lislegaard’s exploration of science fiction as a genre and frame for critical reflection on notions of language, gender-roles, socio-political structures and the future. For Ann Lislegaard the genre of science fiction is used as a laboratory where transformative scenarios and unstable ideas can be staged and tested.


Ann Lislegaard will show her latest animation Oracle (2012) based on P.K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheeps?” In the animation two owls, or maybe the double of the other, are having a monologue of aphorisms. The fragments in the animation could be prophecies from the I-Ching or a feminist speaking in tongues. The doubled owl is as if unaware of its role as the oracle, having the words, the languages and the manipulated soundtrack from the film “Blade Runner”(by Ridley Scott) flow through the vibrating body. The doubled owl is in an ongoing search of its notional coherence of self and gender.


With her project Time Machine (2011), an animated talking fox-like creature is projected into a folded mirror box. The fox-like creature delivers a stuttering account of a visit to a distant future. Throughout the story, the voice and the narrative, seems on the edge of collapse. Words are repeated, languages are mixed and sentences dissolve; as if this grand journey is equally an uncertain journey into the very words that make up the construction of narrative itself.


In the exhibition: Speaking in Tongues, you will find other works like the animations Salt Crystal and Bellona. Salt Crystal is an animation made a new every time it is on show. Salt Crystal is drawn and then animated from one single crystal of the “Eight-Part-Piece” work by Robert Smithson.Both Bellona, the animated fictitious city and the print of Wonder Woman are related to the writer Samuel R. Delany.

High and low culture is strongly present in the show. Ann Lislegaard will show a series of new drawings as well.



Melchior Jaspers